Lptn To Go Raspberry Revital

Green tea with B Vitamins & Vitamin C. 0 Calories. Sugar free. Made with real tea. 15 mg Caffeine from tea per serving. Helps keep you hydrated. 80 mg Protective flavonoid antioxidants per serving. Flavor with other natural flavor. Drink smart. One packet of revitalize to go is 0 calories - makes 16 - 20 fl oz. Easy to prepare! Give your water a boost! Add tea goodness and flavor to your water. Lipton Revitalize To Go has a refreshing raspberry lime flavor and is packed with tea antioxidants. With B Vitamins and Vitamin C, Lipton Revitalize To Go keeps you hydrated and helps you to feel revitalized anytime, anywhere. Lipton. Drink better. Live better. Tea is not a substitute for fruits, vegetables, and juices. Each serving naturally contains 80 milligrams of protective flavonoid antioxidants which help protect your body against free radicals - molecules that can damage cells. Naturally protective antioxidant.