Sun-Maid® Mixed Fruit 7 oz. Bag

Since 1912. 100% fruit. No sugar added. Stay fresh zipper seal. Powered by the sun. Sun-Maid Mixed Fruit is a delicious blend of sweet apricots, chewy plums, tasty pears and tangy apples. They are ripened by the sun to the peak of their flavor, then dried, carefully moisturized and packed to lock in the natural goodness. Great as a high-energy snack. Add to salads or cereals. Try adding to fruit smoothies. A wonderful addition to stuffing and rice dishes. Health experts agree that adding more fruit to your diet is a healthy way to improve your life. It is easy to do with Sun-Maid Mixed Fruit. Add to cereals, salads or snack right out of the package for healthy energy. Just a quarter cup (1.5 ounces) of Sun-Maid Mixed Fruit provides a full serving of fruit. Fruits & veggies more matters. Scan for sunshine. Please visit us on the web at The Sun-Maid Seal is your assurance of the finest quality. Product of USA, Turkey, and South Africa.