Kellogg's® Printed Fun Pop-Tarts® Limited Edition Gingerbread Toaster Pastries 12 ct Box

Limited edition. Kellogg's Family Rewards. Images on Pop-Tarts made with common FD&C approved food coloring. Visit us at 0 g trans fat. Cholesterol free. Good source of 4 B vitamins. Pop-Tarts are a crazy good part of breakfast. Get more from the products you love. 1. Enter code found inside package. 2. Collect points. 3. Earn rewards. It's easy! Visit to earn rewards and get details. Exchange: 2-1/2 carbohydrates, 1 fat. The dietary exchanges are based on the Choose Your Foods: Exchange Lists for Diabetes, copyright 2008 by American Dietetic Association and American Diabetes Association. Questions or Comments? Visit Call 1-800-962-1413. Provide production code on package.